NetEase and CCP Games announced a mobile game in the Eve Online universe-Eve Echoes. It is now available on devices running the iOS and Android operating systems. This was announced by the company in a press release.

According to the announcement, the development of Eve Echoes took three years. At launch, the game is available in English, Russian, Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. The developers did not specify whether they are going to translate it into other languages.

Events in Eve Echoes take place in parallel with the universe of Eve Online. As in the original game, Echoes implemented the exploration of worlds, collecting resources, fighting in various modes, as well as more than eight thousand star systems.

A crossplay is now available in Dead by Daylight

Behavior Interactive has launched a crossplay in Dead by Daylight. The feature is now available to Steam, Windows Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch users. The mobile version is not included in the crossplay.

Some restrictions apply to the new function. For example, in-game chat is not available for players on consoles. The developers also noted that they do not plan to add keyboard and mouse support for players on PS4 and Xbox One yet.

You can disable the crossplay feature in the game settings. Behavior Interactive noted that the time for selecting opponents will significantly increase. Gamers will also be able to add users from other platforms to their friends list, but a shared chat with them has not yet been implemented.

OG was the last participant in the DreamHack Open summer 2020 playoffs

OG beat forZe in the final match of the DreamHack Open Summer 2020 CS group stage:GO for Europe. Valdemar’s team valde Vangse finished the match with a score of 2: 0 and earned the last slot in the championship playoffs. ForZe finished third in the group and finished the tournament.

Earlier, BIG, Heroic and Complexity Gaming entered the final stage of the competition. In addition to forZe, Team Spirit also left the competition. The playoff matches will begin on August 15. The first meeting will be the confrontation between BIG and OG. The game is scheduled to start at 14: 00 Moscow time.

DreamHack Open Summer 2020 for Europe takes place online from August 8 to 16. Teams compete for prize Fund in the amount of $90 thousand.