The gameplay trailer for Crimson Desert was unveiled at The Game Awards 2020 on December 11. Unlike the teasers and videos presented earlier, this 5 minutes 30 seconds video is completely composed of real gameplay and real game scenes.

We could not pass by and not make out new facts about the “Red Desert”. After all, it seems that the direction of development has changed dramatically and now we are seeing not the expected MMORPG, but an adventure RPG with an open world and MMO elements.

Adventure game with open world, exploration and secrets
Pearl Abyss backed away from the decision to make a full-fledged MMORPG and wanted to focus on the plot and gameplay. Thus, the novelty has become more like a mixture of Asassin’s Creed, Dragon’s Dogma and a little Monster Hunter. In the trailer, you can watch several beautiful story scenes with McDuff, his opponents and allies. Basically, these are the conversations of the characters, but there are also jumping on the dragon and further control of it, dueling in the middle of the city.

Also, the developers did not forget about the research. You can see various secrets, portals and solutions to mysteries, which are likely to give our character new abilities and talents. As for the setting, it looks like a symbiosis of Scandinavian and European mythologies. And in the trailer there are absolutely no characters with Asian appearance and all the heroes are Europeans or representatives of fantasy races.

Another interesting point is the diversity of biomes and climatic conditions. In the beginning, we are shown mountains with clouds, beautiful forests, winter and even desert landscapes. All this indicates the appearance in the game of changing weather, times of day and maybe even seasons, as in BDO.

Also Payvel, judging by the trailer, is simply huge and along its entire length there are roads, castles, cities in architectural styles corresponding to the area. Almost everywhere, according to the plot, military operations are being conducted.