Total prize pool of all CS tournaments:GO exceeded $100 million. Such data was published by the Esports Earnings portal. At the time of publication of the news, the total amount of prize money in the discipline was $100.09 million — this money was played at 5,160 tournaments.

By amount of prize money:GO takes the second position among eSports disciplines, second only to Dota 2. more than $226 million was played in Valve’s MOBA tournaments. The top five in prize money also included Fortnite ($93.9 million), League of Legends ($76.8 million) and StarCraft II ($33.4 million).

The biggest tournaments in CS history:GO were WESG 2016 and WESG 2017 — they raffled off $1.5 million each. In third place was the first season of ELEAGUE with $1.4 million. In total in the history of CS:There were 17 tournaments with a prize pool equal to or exceeding one million dollars.

Riot Games named teams that it wants to see in the LCK franchise League

Riot Games has introduced ten teams that it wants to see in the LCK for League of Legends after the League’s transition to a franchise format. The administration also compiled a reserve list of teams that can qualify for the main League of South Korea if one of the participants refuses the slot or if the pool of teams is expanded in the future.

The compiled list of teams from Riot Games is not final. The company will start negotiations with the clubs on September 9, and the final list of participants will be known in mid-October.

Riot Games management announced plans to switch LCK to a franchise format in April. Since then, the League organizers have conducted two stages of selecting prospective participants, during which they evaluated their financial and marketing capabilities. The transition to the new format will begin in the spring of 2021.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “The Future of storytelling is in video games, not movies»

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“500 days of summer”,” the Beginning”) said that video games use innovative storytelling techniques and the future will be for them, not for movies. He spoke about this in the show Hot Ones on the channel First We Feast.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

“The future of storytelling is video games. I don’t think filmmakers will be able to move it forward, and video games offer the most innovative ways of storytelling. As for a completely new kind of storytelling, something that no one has ever seen before, I don’t think it will appear in the movies.”

Gordon-Levitt heads HitRECord, a company that produces books, short films, and other media content. In the summer of 2019, the platform signed an agreement with Ubisoft, under which it organized a music competition — the winning songs will appear in Watch Dogs: Legion.