Retail England: the remake of Final Fantasy VII became the best-selling game in April

Publishing GamesIndustry About That.BIZ, with reference to data from the analytical firm GfK, reports that in April this year, games, consoles and accessories were sold at retail in the UK for 130 million pounds.Just last month, more than a million physical copies of games were sold in the Foggy Albion. By this measure, this is […]

The authors of Planet Zoo called the total circulation of the game for six months

Frontier Developments announced that the total circulation of Planet Zoo exceeded one million copies. The game took less than six months to complete — it was released in November 2019. Planet Zoo-simulator of a zookeeper. The player will have to build it up, adjust the flow of visitors and create the necessary conditions for animals. […]

Nemesis in the Resident Evil 3 remake was changed to link with Resident Evil 4

Today in Resident Evil: Resistance appeared Nicholas (the villain) and Nemesis, along with what Capcom told about the creation of the tyrant for the remake of Resident Evil 3.In the remake, the mutant can infect zombies with parasites, which he could not do in the original 1999. According to the developers, changes in the skills […]