Astralis unveils branded mask to protect against coronavirus

Danish eSports organization Astralis has released branded medical masks to protect against coronavirus. They are made in black with a white team logo in the center. Photos are published on the official website of the club. The cost of the mask is €17 (approximately ₽1.5 thousand). on Twitter, representatives of Astralis reported that the product […]

Guild Esports raised more than $50 million in an IPO — co-owned by David Beckham

ESports organization Guild Esports, one of the co-owners of which is David Beckham, completed the placement of shares on the London stock exchange. Following the IPO, the club raised £41.2 million (about $52.3 million). This was reported by the portal AYO.NEWS. The release of Guild Esports on the London stock exchange was announced in early […]

New Zealand Prime Minister made a deb for Twitch viewers

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern surprised Twitch users by becoming a guest of the broadcast of new Zealand streamer Broxh. During the broadcast, she chatted with viewers and even fulfilled their request to make a deb on camera. ESports journalist Rod Slasher Breslau drew attention to Ardern’s visit. He noted that this is the […]

A game in the Eve Online universe has been released on mobile devices

NetEase and CCP Games announced a mobile game in the Eve Online universe-Eve Echoes. It is now available on devices running the iOS and Android operating systems. This was announced by the company in a press release. According to the announcement, the development of Eve Echoes took three years. At launch, the game is available […]