PlayStation Studios and Bluepoint Games have released a release trailer for Demon’s Souls. The game can already be played not only on Twitch, but also on PlayStation 5, provided that you are a game journalist or, for example, live in Japan or North America. Russians, like residents of most European countries, will have to wait for November 19th.

Rebuilt from the ground up and vastly improved, the remake will open up a fog-steeped world of fantasy nightmares for a new generation of players. Those who have already passed the rigors of the original game will be able to enjoy the superb graphics and amazing performance of the game and challenge the darkness again.

The lust for power prompted King Allant, the 12th monarch of Boletaria, to perform the ancient ritual of summoning souls. His call was answered by a powerful demon living since the beginning of time – the Elder. The call of the Elder caused a colorless mist to appear, enveloping the entire kingdom. From the darkness arose terrible creatures, greedy for human souls. Having lost their souls, people also lost their minds – now they were only driven by a fierce desire to kill those who retained their sanity.

The Mortal Kombat adaptation is in trouble. The film was postponed indefinitely

The creators of the film adaptation of had unexpected problems. The film was filmed back in December last year, but, as it turned out, additional shooting was required. For obvious reasons, it is not possible to carry out them right now. Moreover, new producers wanted to correct some scenes and shoot new producers back in March, but it was then that the pandemic forced the European states to “close”.

Todd Garner, one of the film’s producers, answered the question “will there be any surprise” anytime soon. There really was a surprise, but only with a minus sign. Garner spoke not only about the problems with filming, but also with the release date.