G2 Esports beat c0ntact Gaming in the CS: GO group stage match of the European ESL division One: Road to Rio. The team of Kenny kennys Shraba finished the match with a score of 2: 0 and earned three points.

In a parallel match, North coped with Movistar Riders. The match ended with a score of 2: 0. the Next matches of the tournament are scheduled for may 8. GODSENT will compete with mousesports, and FaZe Clan will play with Copenhagen Flames at 19: 30 GMT.

ESL One: Road to Rio for Europe runs from April 22 to may 17 online. 16 teams play for $115 thousand, as well as rating points that Valve uses when distributing slots at the ESL One Rio 2020 major.

Pyth finished his career as a CS:GO player — he moved to Valorant

Ex-player of Ninjas in Pyjamas Jacob pyth of Morarji announced the completion of a career in CS:GO. The Swedish eSports player tweeted that he plans to perform at Valorant.

The last pyth command was Lilmix. He left her in the middle of February.

The 26-year-old pyth has played on the professional stage since 2010. At various times, he played for SK Gaming, FlipSid3 Tactics, Digital Chaos, and Vexed Gaming. In 2016-2017, he represented NiP, with whom he became the champion of Intel Extreme Masters XI-Oakland and DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016. For ten years, he earned more than $126 thousand in prize money.

Earlier, a number of other eSports players also announced their departure from CS:GO to Valorant. Among them are Tyson TenZ NGO, hunter SicK MIMS, Shabzeb ShahZam Khan, Braxton swag pierce, Kevin AZK Larivere and the entire PK MVP roster.

Team Spirit won the fourth victory at ESL One: Road to Rio

Team Spirit beat Nemiga Gaming in the group stage match of ESL One: Road to Rio at CS:GO for the CIS. Artem iDISBALANCE Yegorov’s team finished the match with a score of 2: 1 and earned three points. Spirit is ranked first in group A after four meetings.

In parallel confrontations, forZe won Team Unique, and Winstrike Team coped with Gambit Youngsters. The championship matches will continue on may 8 at 16: 00 Moscow time in group B.

ESL One: Road to Rio for the CIS runs from April 30 to may 17 online. The prize Fund of the competition is $50 thousand. Teams also play for rating points, which Valve and ESL use to distribute slots at the ESL One Rio 2020 major.