At the June presentation of the nextgen, Sony announced Gran Turismo 7. There is little information about the game at the moment, and the release date has not been officially disclosed.

But they are revealed in advertising materials from Sony. According to GT Planet, the PlayStation 5 banner with Gran Turismo 7 on the cover has begun to be shown for residents of Canada on YouTube. The screenshot of the game is signed with the phrase in French small print: “The release is scheduled for the first half of 2021”.

GT Planet also claims that the ad screenshot itself is new. This is a Porsche 917K on the Trial Mountain circuit – both the car and the circuit were shown in the debut trailer for Gran Turismo 7, but from a different angle and with a different number.

Sony previously said that Gran Turismo 7 will take full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s capabilities with ray tracing, fast load times, tactile feedback and trigger resistance on DualSense, and Tempest 3D AudioTech surround sound support.


One of the achievements in Half-Life 2: Episode Two is to launch the garden gnome Chomsky on a rocket into space, for which you have to carry him with you for almost the entire game. Complicated? “Hold my tire iron,” says Gabe Newell, who is about to send the dwarf to the stars for real.

Of course, the head of Valve does this for a reason, but for the sake of charity in conjunction with the private space company Rocket Lab. For every viewer who connects to the gnome launch broadcast, Newell will donate one dollar to the pediatric intensive care unit at Starship, a children’s hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, where he has been since the beginning of the pandemic.

Chomsky will fly over 14 days starting November 15. After 30 satellites are put into orbit, the rocket must reorient and re-enter the atmosphere in such a way as to completely burn out, making the survival of the gnome unlikely.

The initiative is also supported by Weta Workshop, a special effects and cinema props company that has worked on the Lord of the Rings films, among others. It was she who made the gnome (from titanium).

“The mission is a tribute to the innovation and creativity of gamers around the world, and aims to test and prepare new 3D printing technology that can be used for future spacecraft components,” says the Rocket Lab website.