ESports organization Guild Esports, one of the co-owners of which is David Beckham, completed the placement of shares on the London stock exchange. Following the IPO, the club raised £41.2 million (about $52.3 million). This was reported by the portal AYO.NEWS.

The release of Guild Esports on the London stock exchange was announced in early September. Initially, the organization planned to receive an investment of at least £20 million. David Beckham became a co-owner of the club at the end of June, one of his companies invested £480,000 in Guild Esports.

The organization plans to spend the attracted investment on the formation of FIFA and Fortnite teams, the club has already signed a Rocket League team. In the near future, Guild Esports will release its own merch, as well as create an eSports Academy.

NVIDIA has postponed the release of the RTX 3070 on sale

NVIDIA postponed the start of sales of the GeForce RTX 3070 to a later date. Now the Junior model of the new series can be purchased no earlier than October 29 — two weeks later than the deadline announced during the presentation.

Representatives of the company explained this decision by the desire to increase the number of available video cards in retail stores at the start of sales. NVIDIA postponed the release date of the RTX 3070 in accordance with the wishes of customers who indicated a shortage of the RTX 3080.

The start date of the second season in Fall Guys became known

British Studio Mediatonic has announced the launch date for the second season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It will start on October 8, with new emotions, locations, challenges and skins in the style of the fantasy middle Ages.

The developers also announced the end of the first season. Up until the start of the second, players will earn twice as many glory points.

In mid-September, Mediatonic added an anti-cheat to Fall Guys and changed some modes. In particular, the developers added new routes and obstacles to the maps. The game was also randomly spawn hammer Big Jitus.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was released in August 2020. In the first month, the game became the leader in profit among titles on PC, and also broke the record for downloads in the history of the PlayStation Plus service.