Hearthstone fans have started massively underestimating the game’s rating in the App Store and Google Play online stores. In the service for iOS, Blizzard’s CCI score has already dropped to 3.5 points out of 5. the Campaign against developers was organized by reddit users.

Gamers are unhappy with the new economic model in Hearthstone. In reviews in the App Store, users began to massively put the game one or two stars, reproaching Blizzard for greed. In addition, some of the negative ratings are related to technical problems with the new Hearthstone add-on. According to gamers, the app often crashes and slows down.

On reddit, users said they hope to attract the attention of developers with this promotion. Many gamers claim that they are not ready to spend more time and money on the game in order to continue to be competitive in the CCI. Before the release of the third expansion in 2020, Blizzard Entertainment introduced a new reward system in Hearthstone. The company promised that with it, players will receive at least as much gold as before, but in practice it turned out quite the opposite.

A fan showed what the Witcher 3 would look like if it were a Japanese role-playing game

A user under the nickname kishi_kun showed what the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt would look like if the game was created on the basis of the RPG Maker program. The gamer presented a number of screenshots in a similar style, which depict the characters of the CD Projekt RED title. Kishi_kun shared his work on reddit.

RPG Maker is a program that allows users to create their own role-playing video games. Most often, it is used to develop titles of the JRPG genre (Japanese role-playing game). Most of the programs in this series were released in Japanese, but recently localized versions have also begun to appear.

Kishi_kun once a week puts on reddit a new fragment of the game, made with the help of RPG Maker. The user creates separate scenes of dialogues between the key characters of the third part and additions to it.