Dataminers found in the alpha testing files of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands the ability to “PvP-force” – previously in the game there was a characteristic with this name. This was reported by the Wowhead portal.

In the alpha test of the game, the ability “PvP-power” has the following description: “Your spells are very likely to trigger the “Gladiator Superiority” effect, which will increase the main characteristic by 15 seconds by a value equal to your PvP strength.”

“PvP power” was in WoW before the warlords of Draenor update. This parameter strengthened the character directly in battles with other players. Earlier, World of Warcraft Director ion Hazzikostas stated that the developers do not plan to re-add PvP characteristics to the game.

Shadowlands will be released in the fourth quarter of 2020. I have already participated in the closed alpha testing of the new addon and evaluated the changed pumping system.

Fnx found a new team

Brazilian CS: GO team Imperial e-Sports has announced that Lincoln fnx Lau has joined the team. The club announced this on Twitter.

From August 2019 to may 2020, fnx represented the RED Canids club. With the team, he performed at several online Championships, won the qualifiers for the Americas Minor Championship — Rio 2020, and finished fourth at ESL One: Road to Rio for South America.

According to Liquipedia, Imperial e-Sports became the 29th tag in CS 1.6, CS: Source and CS:GO, under which fnx performed without taking into account additional rosters. The longest player represented MIBR and the FalleN team — with it, Lau won the MLG Major Championship: Columbus and ESL One Cologne 2016.

Part of Imperial e-Sports:
Lincoln fnx Lau;
Caio zqk Fonseca;
Gustavo Showtime Gonzalez;
Denis dzt Fischer;
Felipe delboNi Delboni.

Streamer banned on Twitch because of gorilla videos

Former professional Overwatch player Felix xQc Lengyel received a 24-hour ban on Twitch for accidentally showing a few seconds of a video of gorillas mating. The streamer said this on Twitter.

During the broadcast, xQc watched videos on YouTube, one of them had a scene with animals. The streamer immediately stopped and closed the video, but the Twitch administration still punished it. Lengyel himself noted that the platform’s rules about explicit content with animals are very vague, but he is not going to challenge the decision.

Twitch often blocks streamers for using forbidden words, displaying nudity, and other violations of the platform’s rules. Previously, the service restricted the use of music, including performing covers and singing karaoke.