On PlayStation 5, the MMORPG Temtem, inspired by the popular Pokemon series, is out in early access. In this project, players will have to collect creatures called Temtems, complete tasks and participate in PvP battles. The standard edition can be purchased for 2749 rubles, and the Deluxe Edition is sold for 3999 rubles. After the official release, the price will increase.

Temtem currently offers 30 hours of story campaign, 100 temtems, home ownership system, ranked matchmaking, weekly challenges, and more. Together with future updates, it is planned to add 61 Temtems to the game, an auction, the Club Wars clan PvP mode, the hardcore Nuzlocke mode, a mythical Temtem and in-game tournaments. For more details on the PS5 version, see our previous game update.

Recall that Temtem was released on PC in early 2020. The game supports cross-platform multiplayer between PC and PS5.

Kate Bishop joins the Avengers team in Marvel’s Avengers

The latest free update to the third-person action game Marvel’s Avengers has added a new heroine to the game named Kate Bishop. She is an archer with her own super moves, skills, finishing moves and cosmetic items. Skills allow her to deal high damage, teleport, and create hologram decoy.

Kate Bishop became available with the start of the first season of The Avengers Initiative. The game has a new plot operation “Purple Arrow”, in which players will learn the story of a new character and will be able to uncover a conspiracy concerning Commander Nick Fury, time travel and a new adversary of the super-adaptoid. You can complete the story either alone or in a group of four.

New Genshin Impact event will feature food delivery

During this event, you will take on the role of a food delivery man. On a special page, you can find orders from Sarah from Good Hunter, Smiling Yan Xiao from Wanshu Inn and Chef Mao from Narodny Choice Restaurant. But not everything is so simple! Quests usually have certain conditions that will require you to avoid certain situations, such as flying, climbing, taking damage, sprinting or being exposed to elements.

A reward is awarded for each delivered order. By completing all three orders per day, you can get the Source Stones. It will also not do without temporary tasks for the Battle Pass, which will help you level up faster.