Vice President of Naughty Dog and game Director of The Last of Us Part II Neil Drakmann said that one of the Actresses faced haters because of a fictional role in the game. In an interview with the Ladbible portal, he clarified that in serious cases of hate speech, the Studio acts according to the Protocol and appeals to the appropriate authorities.
Neil Druckmann:
“We need to understand the difference: we created this game, so we believe in it and are proud of it. When it came out, users liked it or hated it — any opinion is fair. This is a reaction, there is no point in fighting it. There are much more vile things: for example, in relation to the actors who perform this or that character. One actress was sent really terrible, vile things because of a fictional role.

I try not to focus on this as much as I can. When such cases take a serious turn, we use certain security protocols and contact the authorities.”

In The Last of Us Part II, the main role was played by Ashley Johnson, Abby Anderson was voiced by Laura Bailey, and Dina spoke in the voice of Shannon Woodward. It is unknown what the performer said Druckmann.

The last of Us Part II was released on the night of June 19 exclusively on PlayStation. Earlier, nixelpixel, a feminist activist, admitted that she did not find an excessive bias towards feminist ideas in the game.

The audience of Hyper Scape on Twitch exceeded 450 thousand people

On July 2, Ubisoft introduced a new shooter in the “battle Royale” genre — Hyper Scape. Some streamers were given access to the game for a technical test: the peak online title on Twitch has already exceeded 450 thousand people.

You can watch Hyper Scape gameplay videos on YouTube. Streamers Turner Tfue tenny and Ali SypherPK Hassan have already managed to hold a duel in the new game.

Ubisoft is working on Hyper Scape in conjunction with the Twitch streaming service. According to an insider Rod Slasher Breslau, “battle Royale” will support integration with the platform at a “completely new” level for large titles. It is not known when the shooter will be released.