Today in Resident Evil: Resistance appeared Nicholas (the villain) and Nemesis, along with what Capcom told about the creation of the tyrant for the remake of Resident Evil 3.In the remake, the mutant can infect zombies with parasites, which he could not do in the original 1999. According to the developers, changes in the skills of Nemesis were implemented to build a clearer connection with Las Plugas in Resident Evil 4.

In honor of the decade of World of Tanks tanks will buzz for a week

World of Tanks continues to celebrate the game’s tenth anniversary. And Wargaming presented the second act of the anniversary events. It will be held from 18 to 25 may and players will have access to new blocks of combat tasks.
The main feature of the second act will be a new episode of the event “Remember everything”. The creators of the game will return the horn for a week: back in 2011, players wanted to give the opportunity to honk in battle to other tanks. However, the hooter was never introduced into the game.
It will be possible to test how everything would look with sounds resembling a steamship siren within a week. Beep is enabled by default for everyone, and you can disable it in the settings. So that it is not too distracting in battle, only three beeps will be issued in a row, after which the reload will begin.

In addition, the developers wanted to make Nemesis and Mr. X in the remakes more different from each other — they wanted to make Nemesis a much more serious opponent. However, judging by the reviews of players and journalists, here the developers did not cope with their task.
Adding parasites, of course, fits perfectly in the leak about the development of the remake of Resident Evil 4, which will be the largest remake in the history of Capcom. The new product is expected to be released in 2022, while Resident Evil 8 should be released a year earlier.