My.Games has announced the launch of a new Arcturus server for MMORPG Perfect World. Anyone can now start from scratch pumping their favorite classes, as well as participate in many events.

“Today an event has happened that has been awaited for so long by everyone who wants to start their journey in the Ideal World. New server “Arcturus” is open for players! Exciting marathons, a new reward system for activity, increased rates and other interesting events await pioneers. We wish the brave warriors success in the development of uncharted lands! ”, The announcement says.
Some events offer to develop your house, while others offer a character to complete the quest chain, gain the level of the Sky of Power, and so on. A generous reward is given for fulfilling the conditions. In addition, those who wish can activate the promotional codes ARCTUR1, ARCTUR2 and ARCTUR3 and receive the “Legacy Seals” (3 codes will allow you to get items for three characters on one account), which increase the amount of experience by 3 times. The publisher also launched a competition with various real prizes.

MMORPG Fractured can be tried for free during a five-day playtest

The developers of the isometric MMORPG Fractured also decided to present a gift to the players. For five days, from December 30, 2020 to January 3, 2021, the game will be available to everyone. To download the client and log in, it will be enough just to register on the official website.

But that’s not all:

The characters created will start immediately with all existing abilities unlocked and 60 talent points.
The storage will contain a full set of armor of each type, as well as all types of weapons.
Everyone can collect resource nodes (they are not associated with a city).
Playtest has its own purpose. Thus, the authors want to test PvP. Players will be able to assess the current balance of skills and weapons, talents, karma and prison system.

Users can also win free access to a future alpha or even a key to the full game. To do this, you need to take first place in one of the competitions:

For the highest PvP rating.
The best game screenshot.
Best / most creative character build.
The greatest amount of knowledge gained.
Coolest plot of land.