The network leaked the first unofficial photo of the DualSense controller for PlayStation 5

The first “live” photo of the DualSense gamepad for the PlayStation 5 appeared in the network. The image was posted by Gamer17 user on the ResetEra forum. Sony has not officially confirmed the authenticity of the photo. The DualSense gamepad was introduced in April 2020. It will improve the vibration response compared to the previous […]

Nemesis in the Resident Evil 3 remake was changed to link with Resident Evil 4

Today in Resident Evil: Resistance appeared Nicholas (the villain) and Nemesis, along with what Capcom told about the creation of the tyrant for the remake of Resident Evil 3.In the remake, the mutant can infect zombies with parasites, which he could not do in the original 1999. According to the developers, changes in the skills […]