Sony DADC’s only Blu-ray disc factory in Russia closed in the spring of 2020. Information about this appeared on the TotalDVD forum, but no official statements were made by Sony or the owner or administration of the plant.

According to Sergey Klishko, General Manager of PlayStation in Russia, Sony has nothing to do with closing the factory. He also said that now physical copies of games and movies will be imported into the country from Austria.

Sony’s factory in Borovsk has been producing PlayStation games and Blu-ray movies since 2011. The company’s employees complained about losses, mass layoffs, Executive decisions, and overtime.

Denuvo protection will be removed from Prey

Arkane Studio will remove the Denuvo protection from the game Prey. The developers announced this in the Steam community.

Initially, Denuvo was planned to be removed on July 17. Due to the fact that this forced users to download an update of 4 or 16 GB, the developers rolled back the changes and postponed the deletion for the near future. Arkane Studios has not yet announced the exact date.

Prey was released in may 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The arkane Studios title received high ratings from journalists and users, and also repeatedly got into various tops of games. On Metacritic average score the shooter has stopped on a mark of 82 out of 100.

SirActionSlacks on “Aganim’s Labyrinth”: “This is the best event in a very long time┬╗

Jake SirActionSlacks Kanner praised the Valve Studio for the event “aganim’s Labyrinth” in Dota 2. He noted the high replayability and complexity of the cooperative regime. He announced this on Twitter.
Jake SirActionSlacks Kanner:
“Now that everyone has calmed down, I just want to say: Valve, this is the best event you’ve done in a very long time! Excellent replayability, complexity, and even a promo video! Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this possible, it’s great!┬╗

The Event “aganim’s Labyrinth” was added to the game on July 15. The mode is designed for four players who must fight bosses and collect fragments of Aghanim’s Scepter, improving their abilities. On July 17, Valve fixed a number of bugs, as well as changed the characteristics and mechanics of some artifacts.