Valve removed the phrases of commentator Toby TobiWan Dawson from Dota 2 after allegations of harassment against him. Previously, owners of Battle Pass 2020 could use his statements in matches via the chat wheel.

The current battle pass had three TobiWan phrases: “Woah, how close was that?”, “It’s a disastah!” and ” Oh my lord!”. They disappeared from Dota 2 with a patch that the developers released on the evening of June 25.

Earlier, several girls, including cosplayer Meruna, who is in a relationship with Troels syndereN Nielsen, accused TobiWan of inappropriate behavior and harassment. Dawson didn’t deny it. After that, the Studio Beyond the Summit refused to work with the commentator.

FaZe Clan and Team Heretics lost their first matches on cs_summit 6

FaZe Clan lost to BIG in the cs_summit 6 CS group stage match:GO for Europe. Nikola Kovac’s team finished the match with a score of 0:2. In a parallel match of group D OG Team was stronger than Heretics.

ENCE eSports and x6tence lost their opening meetings in Quartet C. The team of Alexi allu Yalli lost to Heroic, and the team of Antonio flipin Rivas failed to cope with Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Cs_summit 6 for Europe runs from June 24 to July 5. 16 teams play for $125 thousand and qualification points, which Valve and ESL use to determine the participants of the ESL One Rio 2020 major.

Alliance took a break from tournaments until the end of July

Alliance will not compete at the Dota 2 Championships until the end of July. This was announced on Twitter by the coach and co-owner of the organization, Jonathan Loda Berg.
Jonathan Loda Berg:
“GGWP, to put it Mildly, an impressive game. This was our last match before the summer break, which we really need. I would like to Express my gratitude to the fans who support us. We’ll be back at the end of July. See you».

The last Alliance tournament before the break was BEYOND EPIC. In the first round of the lower bracket of the playoffs, Gustav s4 Magnusson’s team lost to with the score 0:2 and took the place of 7-8.

At the time of publication of the news on BEYOND EPIC there is a game between and OG.