The online strategy update was released on December 4th. The New Year event “Winter Festival” has been launched, preparations are underway for the next major event, “War of the Kingdoms”.

By participating in the December Winter Festival event, you can get valuable gifts for daily registration in the game. A full description of the festival and rewards is available right in the strategy.

The developers are actively working on the interface and correct operation of the future Kingdoms War event.

Operation “Broken Fang” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO developers have presented a new update “Broken Fang” with the operation of the same name. The patch includes two new game modes, maps, a battle pass, a tagging system and tons of cosmetic items.

Introduced Premier mode, where players will be able to prioritize and ban unnecessary kats before the start of the match.

Officially added Bomb Retakes Mode. There are special set-up cards, and the battle goes up to 8 victorious rounds. Players who purchase the Operation Pass will have access to expanded profile stats, missions, numerous rewards to choose from, and the Broken Fang case.

The range of maps has been expanded with the following new items: Ancient, Engage, Apollo, Guard, Elysion and Frostbite for the Danger Zone.

Sword Art Online 2 Added Weddings

With the December 3rd update, SAO 2 added full Wedding functionality with a relationship system, gifts and ceremony. Launched a new season of the Tunnel Map event.

Now all players can improve relations with their desired friends by giving roses and gifts to move to the “Beloved” status. After accumulating 10,000 relationship points, players have the right to get married.

“Christmas Eve” and “Spaceport” at Point Blank

The online shooter installs an update from December 3, adding a New Year card “Christmas Eve”. The patch also includes a new location for the “Antigrav” mode and holiday rates for experience and currency.

The traditional Christmas Eve card returns for the New Year holidays. Now in the “Antigrav” mode you can try out the unusual map “Spaceport”.